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Key features

  • Limited-edition pocket knife in new energised, blazing electric yellow
  • Swiss-made pocket knife with embossed, anodised aluminium scales and 4 functions
  • Collectible model with the year 2023 printed on the back
  • Height 16 mm
  • Length 136 mm
  • Width 40 mm
  • Weight 186 g

Exclusive Pocket Knife in Electric Yellow

Energising, bold and fresh ... bring a ray of sunshine into your day with our Hunter Pro Alox Limited Edition 2023 in energising electric yellow. With four functions and durable aluminium scales, it’s a practical pocket knife that’s bursting with brightness. Gift it or keep it all to yourself—this collectible tool pushes design boundaries to luminous new heights.


  1. Blade, large
  2. Lanyard hole
  3. Carry clip
  4. Paracord pendant