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The universal Bamix® blade.Trush, cut and mix all even frozen foods and ice cubes. It is used directly in the cookware on the stove without the need for other containers. Suitable for: soups, creams, pesto, jams, ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, pizza dough, sweet dough. Supplied in a single plastic bag. Bamix Switzerland certified original replacement.

A little bit of History...

In the early fifties the Swiss engineer M. Roger Perrinjaquet invented the first immersion blender and called it Bamix, an acronym for beating and mixing.

The Bamix blender is still produced in Mettlen, in the canton of Thurgau, and stands out for the renowned 100% made in Switzerland. The famous Swiss precision, synonymous with reliability, makes Bamix a unique product that lasts a lifetime and accompanies each recipe.

Since Bamix became part of millions of homes, thanks to its multi-functionality, it has become an essential tool and one of the most successful food processors of its kind. Chop, blend, mix, emulsify, whip, knead and chop (even ice). It is the only repairable immersion mixer and its motor is guaranteed for life.

Even today, where healthy and high quality have taken over, Bamix stands out as an indispensable kitchen aid. Bamix sets no limits to the creativity and freedom of any experimentation, it always follows you !.

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