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Ideal for Asian cuisine with little seasoning and for Tempura. Size 32 cm in diameter by 9.5 cm in height. Including tempered glass lid with adjustable steam outlet. Ergonomic handle and counter-handle. Swiss Made quality, non-stick coating reinforced with diamond powder (XD Version 2019). Allows you to cook without seasoning.

Non-stick diamond coating applied by nanotechnology, no PFOA.Swiss Made quality 100% manufactured in Switzerland. Very highthermal conductivity thanks to the fusion of thick aluminum and thediamond coating. High-pressure aluminum die-casting, non-deformablethermal base with plasma anti-corrosion treatment of the internalsurface. Resistant handles, knobs and glass in the oven up to 260 °C.
Lids (if any) in tempered glass, shock-resistant edge in steeland adjustable valve for steam vent.

The new Swiss Diamond XD coating contains 20%more diamonds than the previous HD coating. The new XD non-stickformula is produced using a new mixing and application system,developed specifically to obtain a more homogeneous surface. Thisgenerates a more resistant layer, increasing durability by 40%compared to HD. In the laboratory test the new XD coating exceeded12,000 steps with coarse sandpaper. The properties of food releasehave also been improved compared to the previous version.

A bit of history ... to understand better.
SwissDiamond, a brand of excellence in the production of high qualitycookware. The company was founded in 1974 and maintains itsheadquarters and production in Sierre, in the heart of the SwissAlps.
The ever increasing demand for non-stick cookware led thecompany to develop a revolutionary coating reinforced with realdiamond crystals in 2000. This innovative and patented technology isrecognized and awarded with the gold medal at the Inventor Fair inGeneva.
In 2010, after four years of extensive research andtesting, Swiss Diamond's engineers have improved and further enhancedthe coating to which they give a lifetime warranty fornon-stick.
Swiss Diamond products are currently sold in at least38 countries worldwide.